Tau Skeras Secundus explorers

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This group of reckless Viorla sept Tau explorers has been sent to explore the area, and clear it for unwanted elements, preparing for a larger Tau invation.

Led by the arrogant, young ethereal Acaya and his leutenants VKovash and VShiur it is the Tau ambition to rid the planet of Necrons, and dominate the humans (make them Guevesa). For now the Tau tries to have a diplomatic relation to the humans (as the Tau numbers still are small), but this may quickly turn into bloody conflict.

Command structure

1.     Aun V Acaya Va Denta - Ethereal, Relic: Humble Stave 1 pnt

2.     Shasho VKovash – Commander in Coldstar battlesuit, Relic: Onager Gauntlet 1 pnt, Stratagem: Hot-blooded 1 pnt. VKovas

3.     Shasho VShiur – Commander in crisis battlesuit, Stratagem: Heroic support 1 pnt (may join VKovash in battle)