Swords of Davoros

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"Lead us from death to victory, from falsehood to truth.

Lead us from despair to hope, from faith to slaughter.

Lead us to His strength and an eternity of war.

Let His wrath fill our hearts.

Death, war, and blood;in vengeance serve the Emperor in the name of Dorn"

The prayer was uttered quietly, behind the giant stature of the primaris stood one the the vox officers. "It is time, Marshal, sir. We are about to exit the warp." Weeks, months mayhaps time feels different when traveling the warp, regardless with our systems damaged after our last encounter with the xenos there is nothing to be done about it. we are to make repairs in The Bellarb Sector more fittingly on Skeras Secundus. Very little is ever heard from that place regardless it is within the embrace of the God Emperor, it's our duty to protect his empire no matter far his wings spread. "Very well, lead me there" spoken with a gruff tone to his voice, centuries of leading the crusade bore no beauty to it. Upon reaching the command deck many were assembled, among them stood

Chaplain Vrex, the second in command and one of the older sword brothers among us. The Reclusiarch of our crusade, he would make the High Marshal proud if he was to see his deeds.

Castellan Videric usually seen commanding the troops alongside of me, a tactical genius who has saved us a lot of brothers in arms, i strongly consider him to take upon the mantle of Marshal when the time comes. Fortis mane.

Among the gathered stood one of the Imperium's agent's always doning his sniper rifle despite it not being needed on deck but he was to aid this crusade and so he has done but the man speaks no word, no name. A sword to be used.

The navigators regardless how how much we dislike them, they are faithfull to the emperor and aid us with navigating the Strike cruiser Davoros. And of course the rest of the ship's high command.

The Meeting was just coming underway only to be abruptly interrupted. Reports started comming in as we closed in on the system the mood turned quick, from an at ease to battle hesitation.

"Order!" The Marshal thud the floor with a heavy armored foot and quiet quickly fell upon the men. "It seems our moment of respite is over, ready the swords of Davoros."

As the cruiser exited warp speed Skeras Secundus came to sight, flashing lights and smog upon it's surface, war had come.

"The Crusade never ends."

Strike Cruiser Davoros

A mobile battlefortress said to be a second home for the sword brothers of Davoros thus taking upon it's name.






Marshal Druas

Black templar Marshal/ Primaris Captain

Relic: ???


Warlord trait: Master of Arms

2nd in command

Chaplain Vrex

Primaris Chaplain. known equipment: Primaris warbike, terminator armor.

Relic: ???

Attached Stratagem: ???

Warlord trait: Wise Orator

3rd in command

Castellan Videric

Black templar Castellan/ Primaris Lieutenant

Relic: ???

Attached Stratagem: ???

Warlord trait: ???

Remarkable units of the Crusade

Sgt Sedric

Black templar primaris Assault marine squad.

Deed: Held enemy walker at bay and dealt the final blow. (Promotion, his squad has +1 to wound against armored units, walkers,tanks etc)


Black templar Redemptor Dreadnought.

Deed: Still serving after ''death'' Judge show's no mercy for the wicked, his armory fit more for ranged combat it does not halt the Judge.

Charging headfirst into a Chaos walker knight and crushing it on impact. singlehandedly dealt with another walker that charged it and aided the sister in -hand- to hand combat with deranged cultists. (Promotion - Blessing of the machine spirit stratagem)