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Skreas V3 - prototype
Updated map of Skeras
Version 1 - several coordinate errors. No longer in use. (Map of skreas and regions controlled by each faction)

Map of the current state of Skeras Secundus.

The new dynamic map is now officially the master:

(( backup link to original figma site

Creds to Stian who made this. It's work in progress and we will update it over the next days.


  • Yellow areas: Imperium controlled sectors
  • Green areas: Necron awakening activity. Loss of contact with locals / reports of angry machines.
  • Emona Primus: Capital city
  • Manufactorums: Major manufactorum capacity.
  • Necron obelisks: Noone but the necrons know what this is.
Changes in map V2:

Corrected corrdinate system. Added both axis and fixed an error. Added battle markers for where action took place.

Changed in map V3:

This is a screenshot of upcomming prototype that will be 1000% better than the old map.

Events and icon explanations

Valhallan 1212th task force and Court of Lord Amonthak the Black fought a battle in sector J9 (09.02.23)

Westley Yuka Corporation and Ekotekh dynasty fought a battle in sector C13 (09.02.23)