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This is a historic document describing the actions of chapter 1. - Spring of 2023 and WH 40k 9th edition.


Player Side Faction Roster generated
Elth / Fredrik Chaos CSM/Chaos guard Brotherhood of flies
Andreas Ø Imperium Imperial Knights Leonis Cruciata
Andreas Ø Chaos Chaos Daemons The Scourge of Chains
Andreas J Imperium Black Templars Swords of Davoros
Coleslaw Necrons Omsekh dynasty Court of Lord Amonthak the Black
Eirik Necrons Omsekh dynasty Ekotekh dynasty
Michal Necrons Omsekh dynasty Court of Lord Michotekh
My face when Independents Votan Westley Yuka Corporation
Aksel Independents Tau Tau Skeras Secundus explorers
Teo Imperium Astra Militarum Valhallan 1212th task force
Knekk Necrons Omsekh dynasty Court of Overlord Ragatep, Solar Canopticant
Skitarii horde Imperium Adeptus Mechanicus Quaraton III Reinforcement Battalion
Mads J. Necrons Hathortekh dynasty Hathortekh dynasty
Jevo Imperium Sisters of battle The Order Of Eternal Rapture
Stian Chaos Chaos Knights House Pavor
Mikael Chaos Death Guard Harbingers
Mads J. Imperium Grey Knights Task Force Wraith
Mads G. Orks Bad Moons Waaagh! Brightsnazz

Backstory and status of the planet

The Bellarb Sector

Backstory - a little bit about the setting



Events - Timeline

((this timeline represent a much shorter timespan in the world of Skeras. I will progress overall timeline as we see with what frequency people like to play)

Player battles:


  • Panic in Emona, emergency protocols activated
  • Votann forces beat back all oposition, necrons and humans. Tries to negotiate with imperial forces. Finally conquer manufactorum Fatum3 and starts to dig in.
  • Hama gate falls!
  • Eastern manufactorum subcity of Fatum3 overrun by Votann forces to the north-east and Chaos take controll over the southern parts. Manufactorum Fatum3 and subcity Garlands hope lost to the empire. Refugees flow out of the city to the south and trigger an <unknown event> that causes a chaos daemon infestation.
  • Chaos claims large teritories east of Amona city and kills of refugees from Garlands hope.
  • Sector H11 recaptured but millions die in the psychic outlash from the failed chaos ritual. Reconstruction of Hama gate started
  • Necron ambush inside Amona city. Lord Governor Orva Subail nearly captured before necrons are pushed back.

Rules and setup

Other stuff

Necron sectors and dates (or: How to understand the long nonsense strings of numbers that Coleslaw uses...)