Necron sectors and dates

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I use this page to convert from ordinary text to hexadecimal strings:

It's easy to use if you want to. But I translate every word by itself and then I use "-" to connect the words. So "Sector 536b65726173-4a39 (J9) - Stardate 323032332d30322d3039 (2023-02-09)" really means "Sector Skeras-J9 - Stardate 2023-02-09". Where as if you did put in "Sector Skeras-J9 - Stardate 2023-02-09" as one text the output would be "536563746f7220536b657261732d4a39202d20537461726461746520323032332d30322d3039" and that really doesn't say anything at all...