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Welcome to the Bellarb Campaign - Chapter 2

A 40k narrative campaign run by OMSK in Oslo Norway.


Chapter 1 has concluded.

You can read the main story arch here. You can view the ---> old main page (9th edition) here <----

Chapter 2 is about to begin.

"A cataclysmic event occured as the Necron defense storm was interrupted by the destruction of one tower and tainted by chaos forces. The Necron defense storm laid most of the southern hemisphere barren and void of all life, but further north the clever manipulation by Lord of flies elite infiltrators unit managed to taint the storm and warp the effect. Northwestern parts of the planet have turned into a hellish nightmare of destruction, mutation and despair. The north part of the planet escaped the worst destruction, but the storm lingers and makes for a dangerous environment full of lightning storms and very strong winds.

Millions died. The thousands that survived now fight a desperate fight for survival. All governmental control has stopped."

Chapter 2 rules


Player Side Faction Army description, commanders and notables Army roster
Mikael ?? Carcharodons
Stian Chaos rustbuckets
Kyle Chaos Thousand Sons
Mads G. Orks

Waaagh! Godsmasha

Mads J Necrons Necrons Hathortekh dynasty Forces of Harthortekh
Mads J Imperium Grey Knights
Fredrik Chaos Black Legion Brotherhood of flies++
Andreas Imperium Black Templars
Michal Xenos Aeldari
Mats Imperium Imperial Knights
Aksel Xenos Tau
Teo Imperium Astra Militarum Valhallan 1212th reformed Army Roster - 1212th
Andreas Ø. Chaos Chaos Daemons
Herman Imperium Salamanders
Eirik Necron Necrons Ekotekh dynasty Forces of Ekotekh
Emil Xenos Drukhari

Backstory and status of the planet

The Bellarb Sector

Backstory - a little bit about the setting



Events - Timeline

((this timeline represent a much shorter timespan in the world of Skeras. I will progress overall timeline as we see with what frequency people like to play)

Player battles:

Date Attacker Defender Victor Held the battlefield Attacker permanent losses Defender permanent losses Short Description
23.08.13 Hathortekh dynasty Valhallan 1212th reformed Necrons Necrons 220 pts 1125 pts Battle report - F4 - Necron Ambush
23.08.29 Hathortekh dynasty Waaagh! Godsmasha Orks Orks 0 0 Battle report - D8 - Necron assault

Rules and setup

Other stuff

Necron sectors and dates (or: How to understand the long nonsense strings of numbers that Coleslaw uses...)