Leonis Cruciata

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Dux Raymond de Saint-Giles sat waiting in Mors Delator, a towering Knight Paladin, staring out at the barren wasteland of Bellarb. He had received word that the Necrons were on the move, and that they would soon be attacking the nearby city of Argentum.

Raymond knew that his Freeblade Banner would be needed to defend the city. The Necrons were an ancient and powerful foe, with weapons and technology that could easily decimate any ordinary force. But Raymond was not ordinary.

He was a Dux of the Leonis Cruciata Freeblade Banner, and he had faced the Necrons before. He ordered his Knights and the Planetary Defence Force to begin preparations for the defense of Argentum. The local Planetary Defence Force began to fortify the city, setting up barricades and anti-tank traps at strategic locations. Raymond also deployed scout teams to gather intelligence on the Necron movements, so that they could plan their defense accordingly.

As the Necrons drew closer, Raymond issued a rallying cry to his fellow Knights. "Brothers and sisters of the Leonis Cruciata, today we face a great challenge. But we are Knights of the Imperium, and we will not back down! We will defend Argentum with our lives if need be, for the glory of the God Emperor!"

When the Necrons arrived, their legions of warriors and monstrous constructs marching silently across the desolate landscape. The Leonis Cruciata stood ready, their weapons primed and their engines roaring.


Mors Delator (Knight Paladin)

Dux Raymond de Saint-Gilles - (Warlord Trait: Ion Bulwark)

Fulgur Eques (Knight Moirax)

Knight Baron Baldwin de le Bourg (Warlord Trait: Blessed by the Sacristants)

Venator Bestiarum (Armiger Helverin)

Knight Hugues de Payens (Stratagem: Thin their Ranks)

Canem Ignis (Knight Moirax)

Knight Roger de Beaumont (Stratagem: Full Tilt)