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27 February 2023

  • curprev 09:3509:35, 27 February 2023Havar talk contribs 1,890 bytes +1,462 No edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • curprev 09:3409:34, 27 February 2023Havar talk contribs 428 bytes +428 Created page with "== Protagonists: == ==== Mors Delator (Knight Paladin) ==== Dux Raymond de Saint-Gilles - (Warlord Trait: Ion Bulwark) ==== Fulgur Eques (Knight Moirax) ==== Knight Baron Baldwin de le Bourg (Warlord Trait: Blessed by the Sacristants) ==== Venator Bestiarum (Armiger Helverin) ==== Knight Hugues de Payens (Stratagem: Thin their Ranks) ==== Canem Ignis (Knight Moirax) ==== Knight Roger de Beaumont (Stratagem: Full Tilt)" Tag: Visual edit