Battlereport - J11 - necron dimentional portal attack

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Vensk sat and wondered if what he had gotten of recourses would be enough. He sat in his command Stormlord “The Iron Fist.” He had gotten a office in the Stomrlord and now he sat there thinking about when he should strike J9. How much bombardment was needed before the damn necrons would yield. He scanned through some reports that told him that Skolov successfully had gotten back H11. That was good he thought. Then his personal veteran guard came to his office. “Sir, we have spotted necrons appearing here!” He said quickly. Vensk stood up and grabbed his bolt pistol silently as he went to his tactical room. When he arrived the lord commissar Garr stood there already. As he got in he was quickly followed by his command squad and the scion command squad lead by tempestor-prime Ador. At the same time, the two scion squads inside the Stormlord took positions at the firing decks.

Colonel Chernov Vensk looked at the tactical display, as he ordered troops to disembark from the Stormlords escort chimeras. One of the chimeras were barley functional. The necrons had come with a C’tan vault thing! He didn’t know what the necrons called their cage but it was huge. At the same time he saw the amount of necrons arriving. His vox operator nodded to Vensk as the reinforcements had been called. As the big lord of war rolled forth it shot down an entire squad of warriors.

Squad sergeant Olof, first company, first platoon. His squad came running out of a chimera, trying to secure ground for the guard as the warriors in front of them was shot obliterated by the Stormlord. Quickly he ordered his squad to go for the now unprotected necron royal warden. He didn’t know who it was or who it thought it were but he knew that it needed to go down. Charging in, with no time for fixing bayonets, they punched the royal warden pretty good. As the royal warden barley survived and got so confused it hit non of his guardsmen, Olof smiled. If His squad could kill a warden they would surely get some attention.

Then another wave of necrons came through what seemed to be a dimensional portal. Olof stared into the eyes of Lord amonthak the black, wondering why he was still alive. Then he saw the lychguard also halted, as well as all the other necron assets charging for them. He thought it maybe had something to do with the warden they attacked and he continued. While the warden was being fought, the necrons found the governor.

Varence came rolling onto the battlefield with his Relentless conquerer and two other leman russes. They came close to the governors position. They fired everything into the necron units lychguard, doomsday arks and other necrons were under heavy leman russ fire. The necrons quickly returned fired.

Ador charged with his scions out of the Stormlord. They got into position as they fired into the now exposed Lord Amonthak. With waves of precision fire. From their hot-shot las. He fell to the ground, unable to stand up and teleported away. As they were shooting at Amonthak two doomscythe’s came cutting into the battlefield. They fired their beams into the Stormlord.

Varence sat inside his tank as they took return fire from the necrons. His knight of piety was under fire. He prayed for the protection of the emperor, and as a doomsday beam came cutting towards the Relentless conqueror it spit in two and missed the tank. “The emperor protects” Varence said silently as he ordered his units to retuned fire at them. The necrons had gotten even more reinforcements and now they had lots of wraiths and doomsday things.

Olof overcharged his plasma pistol once more sending the royal warden to the ground, finally destroyed. For now. The royal warden teleported away. And they were charged by plasmancer and his cryptothralls. They cut down most of Olof’a squad.

At this point Ivanek’s platoon arrived at scene to rescue governor. Kezlov’s squad, which had been transported to the necron battle after being injured fighting chaos. He was ready to kill necrons and rescue governor. With fire from 2nd platoon 1sr company and Kezlov’s chain sword. The governor was in imperial hands.

The scions took enemy fire, but they continued their relentless fire against the necron scum. Shooting into the cryptothralls even if there were guardsmen in the way. They killed both the cryptos and a couple of guardsmen. Those couple of guardsmen were the remaining squad of Olof

Olof turned to fire into the thralls when he felt immense pain, then he blacked out.

Later it would show that Olof survived getting shot in the back by scions, but hated Vensk for ordering them to fire into him and his squad.

Vensk finally stepped out of his command stormlord. Then suddenly 10 death marks snipers appeared and fired at him. They had probable waited a long time for the opportunity. Vensk got seriously injured but he survived. And luckily his command squad had both a bulgryns shield to hide behind and a medic to treat Vensk. Even though Vensk got a fear of going out of a transport

Finally the Lord commissar garr charged his ogryn bodyguard into the plasmancer to try to end another hq of the necrons. They made it into combat and the ogryn made quick work of the plasmancer.

The last HQ of the necrons, a techno mancer. Saw that they wouldn’t win this battle. So he ordered and teleported the necrons away.