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Engagement Report with Ekotekh Dynasty

The kinhost of the Westley Yuka Corporation had recently landed on Skeras Secundus and had set up a base of operations. This base was located in between imperium territory and Necron held ground. This was done in order to gain better access to Necron technology and the opportunity to claim the nearby manufactorum by force if negotiations failed.

The first task given to Kahl Bishop Westely was to investigate reports of Necron activity to the north of the base camp. What Bishop found were Grand Lord Elkoketkh and his force of warriors occupying a ruined imperial city. Bishop noted the striking gold color of the Necrons and made an executive decision, with encouragement from his Iron Master Smith and the assistant Wesson, to engage the golden warriors to try and acquire some of those golden assets.

Bishop deployed his kinhost defensively, for the looming threat of not own, but two doom stalkers presented too much risk to attempt and aggressive deployment. Grand Lord Elkoketkh deployed defensively as well, with only the doom stalkers in the open to maximize their deadly firepower.

Bishop believed in the pioneers advantage. The first entrant in a new market significant success, and he would be the first to give the command to begin.

The pioneers positioned ahead of the main force to allow themselves closer to the objectives. One sagitaur deployed its contents of five hearthkyn, and then followed by the other sagitaur behind the large central pillar to avoid the lethal gaze of the doom stalkers. The Hekaton moved from its cover to fire upon the doom stalkers judged by Bishop in an effort to bring it down. However, this doom stalker proved to be extremely resilient. It took the combined efforts of the heavily armored hearthkyn, a squad of pioneers and MAX just to seriously injure the construct. It was Bishop who finally slew the abomination.

Grand Lord Elkoketkh moved his wraiths to slink in the shadows of the west side of the battlefield. Grand Lord Elkoketkh, his canoptek spider and a swarm of scarabs pushed to the east side to secure both of his flanks. An elite squad of Lychguard ran towards the central pillar, assured in the strength of their shields and reanimation protocols to protect the. Bishop knew these Lychguard would become a serious problem if they were allowed to charge his lines. He had judged them as priority target number one to all of his forces and ordered his personal squad of Hearthguard to eliminate this threat.

Unleashing an eye watering amount of grenades and Volkite salvoes, the hearthguard were able to eliminate eight of the Lychguard. But as the ancient Necron technology stirred, six of the fallen Lychguard stitched themselves back together and fell back into rank as though they were never harmed! Bishop quickly called upon his Thunderkyn to bring their Grav-guns to bear on the Lychguard to make sure they stayed down! The hekaton focused all of its fire into the final doom stalker, able to fell it before it could unleash any other devastating fire upon the kin.

The second small hearthkyn squad jumped out of their transport next to the central tower and attempted to shoot the tomb blades away to no avail. The only option remaining was a charge into the tomb blades. But as one was dragged down, it rose again in better shape than before! The pioneers to the west rushed to secure the objective for the kin, but the wraiths quickly attacked the pioneers and slew one of the riders while the rest were forced to retreat.

Gelkoketkh, enraged that he was not in the thick of battle to skate his endless need for slaughter, enshrouded himself and his destroyers in a veil of darkness. In a dark fog, they reappeared beside the upstart living sacks of flesh. However his destroyers were unable to commit to a charge of any kind as the shadow of teleportation still clouded their programming.

Grand Lord Elkoketkh swept aside the worthless pioneers before him, as befitting one of his stature, and commanded his tide of golden warriors to take the pillar in the center. With the east side secured, it was imperative that the center be held at all costs as it was the key to victory. The golden tide of warriors disintegrated the hearthkyn holding the center after the tomb blades had fallen back to the technomancer without even a thought.

On the west side of the battle, wraiths were drowned in blasts of heat and grenades from the Hearthguard. This allowed the pioneers to hold and harass the immortals, albeit to no effect.

After watching their fellow kin fall to the warriors, the heavily armed hearthkyn ran forward to avenge their deaths and unleashed everything they had into the warriors. Almost as if to mock them, nearly every warrior that was slain slowly but surely stood again to continue their endless march.

The destroyers regained some sense of control and charged the nearest living being they could find, the pilot of a sagitaur. They were unable to completely destroy the vehicle, but they were able to severely cripple the vehicle before it fell back towards its kin. It was up to the thunderkyn to eliminate the destroyer threat for it eliminated them. After a devastating volley from their grav-guns, there was only a crater of golden parts left.

Angered by this insult of living, Gelkoketkh charged the thunderkyn with blind fury, cutting them down as the they scrambled to flee. The golden tide obliterated the crippled sagitaur before charging its twin in order to secure control of the tower.

Bishop saw that soon the final push he needed to secure victory, and it required all of his mental prowess and calculations to see it through.

First he directed his Hearthguard to unleash everything into the warriors, completely obliterating the tide so that no warriors remained to re-knit themselves. Then the hekaton pushed forward with MAX towards the Technomancer, the land fortress’ rear turret and SP conversion Beamer targeting the destroyer lord. With a combined effort from the fortress and all of the remaining hearthkyn, Destroyer Lord Gelkoketkh was destroyed and his mind was transferred into a new body far away.

Grand Lord Elkoketkh had no longer deemed the battle to be worthy of his valuable and regal time. This was no defeat of course, The Grand Lord Elkoketkh would never allow such a loss of face. This was simply a test of his subordinates, the results of which were found… lacking. With a simple thought, a bright light enveloped the Necron army and in a flash almost no Necron material remained. Let the flesh bags pick over the scraps thought Grand Lord Elkoketkh. 

While the Necrons retrieved most of their fallen during the teleportation, what remained was completely unusable due to damage. Bishop believed that the site he secured would make good use as a forward base of operations. The Necrons must be close enough to be able to teleport such a vast force. Technology like that was ripe for the taking, but he had received orders from Oldemor to leave the Necrons alone for now. He has received instructions to obtain the manufactorum to the south from the Imperial forces. He would do so, whether by negotiation or by force.

Engagement report with Lord Michotekh

Kahl Bishop Westley is currently in the medical bay recovering from the previous engagement with the forces of Lord Michotekh. As a result of his current incapacitation, I, Assistant Wesson, shall be giving the report in place of Bishop.

My master Smith, MAX and I were away from the this battle moving resources back to our main base while the rest of our forces remained at our forward operations base looking over the Necron tomb. This is why we were not present in this engagement.

At our forward operations base, research was being done on Necron technology present in an effort to reverse engineer the technology and send the data to our various weapons research divisions. During this time, the forces of a resident Necron force, led by the newly arisen Lord Michotekh, attacked and killed some of our brokhers that were unlucky enough to get away. There was a loud declaration for the head of Bishop Westley as revenge for the defeat of Grand Lord Elkoketkh. The Kahl quickly formed a battle line with his troops thanks to the iron discipline he has instilled in all his forces. It was decided that the key to victory with the enemy so close was to secure the entrance to the tomb while weathering the forces of Lord Michotekh.

The first moves went to Bishop, who quickly ran his forces forward in an effort to bring down the enemy Doomstalker, a strategy previously employed successful against Grand Lord Elkoketkh. It took the combined might of the entire force to simply bring down the construct. This allowed the forces of Lord Michotekh to advance forward cautiously, as he must have deduced what Bishop’s strategy must be. The Lord knew that the kin must come towards him so he needed to weather the storm of judgement and firepower of the Westley Yuka Corporation.

As a result of Bishop’s early push, Lord Michotekh used the mysterious Necron technology at his disposal and teleported a squad of Skorpekh destroyers that were accompanied by Technomancer Michotechnotek. In addition, a squad of snipers had tore out of a dimensional rift inside of our base and took aim at Kahl Bishop Westley. It would appear that the declaration for the head of Bishop was more literal than figurative. These same snipers almost succeeded in taking the head of Bishop, who was only left barely standing by the grace of his armor.

Unfortunately for the destroyers, they were afflicted by the veil of darkness as the destroyers from the previous battle had been and could not make their charge into the Kahls personal body guard. As a result, the snipers were destroyed by the combined firepower of both sagitaurs, a heavily armored squad of hearthkyn and Bishop. While the Hearthguard charged into the destroyers.

Bishop chose to not advance most of the army forwards, as the squad of pioneers who did were dragged down and killed by a massive swarm of scarabs. Only the hearthkyn moved closer in order to draw sight lines to the enemy. The Hearthguard and destroyers continued their battle, but as the Necron forces advanced the Wraiths hiding in the shadows attacked the Hearthguard. In addition, the Technomancer and a spider like creature also joined in the melee. The Hearthguard were forced to deal with the destroyers and the wraiths as they were the biggest threat. A shard of what I believe is a literal Necron deity threatened to charge and end the sagitaurs carrying squads of kin inside, so Bishop ordered his heavily armored Hearthkyn squad to attack the deity. I don’t believe he was truly worried for their preservation, but merely saw them as a cost to protect more valuable assets. In what can only be described as karma, Bishop was incapacitated by a lone Necron warrior. This seemed to have caused all of the kin to go into a berserker like frenzy.  

The thunderkyn infiltrated from the side of the Necron Tomb and eliminated the scarab swarm and an additional spider that was guarding the entrance and Lord Michotekh. This allowed the sagitaurs to bring down Lord Michotekh’s catacomb command barge, but only wounded his pride. A grievous insult I believe in Necron culture. In their berserk fury of seeing their Kahl fall, the Hearthguard used their concussion gauntlets and smashed the Technomancer into nothing bits of scraps and circuits. The Hearthguard seemed to have damaged the core processors so severely that the Technomancer was unable to transfer its consciousness, and after a few moments there ceased to be any signs of what could be called “life” for a Necron. After seeing his Technomancer perish beyond repair from the Hearthguard force, Lord Michotekh  decided that he must preserve himself and transferred his consciousness to a different Necron far away from the battlefield.

After the battle, Bishop was rushed to the medical tent and is expected to make a full recovery. The Necron will continue to be examined and taken apart to obtain any and all information that is available. I’d be remiss to not make a remark on the Necrons. They are a race that never falters, never tires, and never fears. Their soulless soldiers are perfect in their duty and their weaponry is astounding, almost beyond belief. I admire their purity. All are survivors unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality….

I will be discussing with Oldemor on how to proceed further. Wesson out

Battle at C13
Hearthguard meets Wraiths

Engagement report with Order of the Eternal Rapture

I was still in the recovery wing when I received news from Smith that negotiations had broken down with the planetary governor and the corporate representatives regarding our payment in dealing with the Necron outbreak. Apparently, the planetary governor Orva refuses to give us the Manufactorum in sector H14 as the request was “an insultingly outrageous demand for help unwanted and unneeded”.  As a result, Oldemor as decided that my kinhost be sent to secure what is the rightful property of the Westley Yuka Corporation.

The air was thick with the smell of promethium, and the sky was a smog filled orange. We had received intelligence that the manufactorum was being defended by The Order of The Eternal Rapture. A force of Sisters of Battle that appeared to have fallen out of grace with the the planetary governor, sent here to defend as a punishment perhaps? Regardless, the Sisters force is not one to be trifled with. Their zealotry and faith in their Emperor burn hotter than any of the ridiculous number of meltas they wield.

The manufactorum was a maze of structures, pipes and smoke. Using this to their advantage, the Sisters had woven themselves into the network of pipes. Behind each pipe, each corner was a deadly melta gun ready to vaporize any unfortunate kin that fell under its gaze.

It was the upmost importance that we secured the facility before the overseers shut it down and lock us out of the facility. To do this, the Sisters force needed to be smoked out and cleared out of the facility before the facility is rendered useless to us. The sisters knew this, and thus is why they had dug in so thoroughly.

Just because the sisters were dug in, they weren’t going to let us make the first moves. When our kinhost got into position one of their battle tanks rushed forward and obliterated a sagitaur. A suicide maneuver to be sure, but it is my understanding that their kind glorified martyrdom. And it was a sound strategy, to slow us down as best they can. I saw they were also rigging parts of the manufactorum to explode, no doubt to prevent us from taking it since they knew they would not be able to hold those positions.

One of our pioneers had tried to stop the sisters from arming the explosive and destroying vital parts of the facility in a vain attempt to keep it from us. However, he had completely failed to so much as scratch their paint! With a violent fireball blooming from its base, the sisters actually toppled the monument to Emona Primus. I truly didn’t expect them to do such a thing so quickly, maybe there’s more to these warriors than I had previously thought…

I knew then their true intention was to draw us into to them so they could bring all their melta guns to bare. It was a ploy sending the that battle tank into our lines to rush us forward and make a mistake. We needed to tread the razor thin line of both speed and care. Too fast and our forces turn into nothing but slag, too slow and we lose the whole facility.

The kinhost made deliberate and careful advances, my squad of hearthguard on our right flank with the hekaton moving up the middle. We slew any sister who came into our range, including the deadly repentia. If those zealots had charged into our line it would have easily spelled our doom. I saw a squad of pioneers move up just a little too close, and were subsequently ionized out of existence.

When the Sisters army had charged my squad of Hearthguard with a huge portion of their forces, bringing them down in the process, I knew that was the time to act. I sent the remaining sagitaur and hekaton forward to kill those who slew my Hearthguard. However one lone warrior had managed to survive and obstinately charged the hekaton, only to be quickly shot down on the attempt.

I had deemed it was time to send in MAX to exterminate every last warrior in the Sisters final holdout. I ordered the sagitaur to move up and cover MAX as well. The sagitaur was quickly turned to molten metal and the warriors inside perished as well attempting to storm the sisters position. They were not made for such a thing. However, MAX was made specifically for this purpose. With fire support from the warrior squad that was inside of the hekaton, MAX flushed out and cleared any Sister of Battle brave enough to hold their doomed position. Ensuring the Manufactorum was ours.

I had always thought the Sisters of battle to be single minded in their devotion to their emperor, that nothing could sway them. However, we have intercepted reports of the sisters cursing the imperium for its betrayal. Perhaps the destruction of the refinery wasn’t just a practical denial of resources? Either way, it will be extremely interesting to watch the development of these warriors. Will they still love their Emperor? Or maybe their hatred for the Imperium could be used as leverage in future negotiations? I’ll have to consult Oldemor on what she thinks.

Kahl Bishop Westley, end of report.

Sisters defend the manufactorum against Votann attack

Engagement report with The Scourge of Chains

This report is by Tord Kronn, sergeant in the Westley Yuka Corporation's kinhost. I am not one of many words, but I will do my best. We were sent to defend Fatum 3, a manufactorum we had recently taken by the Sisters of the Eternal Rapture. We had received reports that human workers that originally occupied the manufactorum somehow managed to tear a hole in reality, releasing a horde of demons that began slaughtering them. Why humans would rather summon demons that kill them on sight rather than simply putting their heads down to do some simple work is beyond me.

My squad was deployed in the middle of the ruined factory to be able to fire at any forces that managed to breach our lines. I never experienced such gory destruction from any of deployments with the Westley Yuka corporation. There were corpses littering everywhere we looked. Our mission was to fend off any enemies that came at us until our brokhyrs managed to figure out how to close those damn portals. Unfortunately, the mission didn't go as planned.

At first the demon horde came at us with only a few squads of demons, testing our defenses. But soon a feeling of dread ran down my spine, and thats when the warp broke loose. Demons upon demons materialized from nowhere, right in front of our lines and charged into our lines. We were able to hold them off for a while, I almost thought we were able to repel them and the battle was won. But then those damn flamer demons came down and obliterated Bishop's squad of Hearthguard. After that, there was nothing but the Hekaton holding the horde back. Somehow, it was doing a damn good job at it as well.

On my right flank, I see Kahl Bishop Westley, some other hearthkyn troops and MAX. MAX terrifies me honestly, hes a kyn stuck in a EXO armor and pumped full of combat drugs stuck on a tight leash by Bishop. I have never seen MAX truly unleashed, until today. At first MAX stayed closed to Bishop, making sure he could counter charge whatever got to close. But a large group of dog like demons surrounded him in the blink of an eye. He was more terrifying then the demons that fought him. He swung with such unmatched fury, obliterating the khornate dogs swiftly.

Unforunately, Bishop was attacked by these demons riding beasts away from the watchful eye of MAX. He fought valiantly, but ultimately fell in the end. This proved to be the shattering blow for us, as shortly after the Hekaton fell and demons began to flow into our lines. I quickly ran over and extracted Bishop from the battle field while MAX covered our retreat. As we look upon the smoking ruins of Fatum 3, I knew Westly Yuka would never let this insult stand. I don't know what the higher ups will do, but I know this wrong wll be righted soon.

Demons attack!

Engagement Report with Quaraton III Reinforcement Battalion

We had received reports that the forces of the Quaraton III Reinforcement Battalion were on their way to seize the Obelisk at E13 as they also had interest in obtaining Necron technology. If there is one thing Kin can’t stand the most are those of the Adeptus Mechanicus trying to get their grubby metal hands on what our technology! This obelisk was promised to the sisters in the Order of the Eternal Rapture as payment for taking Fatum3 back from the forces of Chaos and taking vengeance for our defeat. There needed to be a rapid deployment force so Kahl Bishop had gathered a mobilized force as well as Tord and his squad to make an early foothold and fend off the mechanicus forces. Unfortunately Capulus had a similar idea and we were forced into an engagement for control of the impossibly large obelisk.

The firepower from the Mechanicus was extremely powerful, and they were supported by a pair of Armiger Knights. These knights had to be dealt with immediately, otherwise their powerful autocannons would shred our vehicles and nullify our speed advantage. Bishop directed all firepower onto one of the Knights in order to bring it down immediately. Its twin seemed to have taken offense to this and unleashed a powerful salvo into our sagitaurs as revenge. It seemed that Capulus aggressively sent his forces forward to maximize his firepower in our forces.

Tord had us pushed forward immediately to take ground as fast as we could and slow down their advance to give our guns more time to fire. I can’t remember much after that, there were explosions and fighting everywhere. We managed to demolish one of their transports and the other Armiger before it could do any more damage to us. But what came out of that transport was horrifying. It was only five pale men glowing with electricity and they came at us so fast. They tore us apart the moment they collided with our squad. We were almost wiped out completely. I saw Tord fried to a crisp before Bishop and our sagitaurs came in and saved us with their fire power. We did everything we could to secure the obelisk, but it was only me and two others left. The pioneers and the Hekaton moved forward to push back the rest of the Mechanicus from the obelisk. Capulus eventually gave the order to retreat and collect the damaged Armigers from the battlefield to his command squad, while ordering the rest of his men to cover their retreat.

After the battle, I was promoted to Theyn of the Wall of Stone squad. Bishop had seen me in previous battles and deemed I was best suited to take over after Tord. He informed me that we would be handing control of the Obelisk to the Order of the Eternal Rapture in exchange for Fatum3 as per our contract. I will be there to oversee the transfer with Bishop in order to quickly gain experience in the administrative aspect of my new role. I will make the company and the Ancestors proud. Cloudia signing off.

Engagement Report with Tau Skeras Secundus Explorers

The Westley Yuka Corporation was sent to the abandoned mining colony in Sector E13 as it still held valuable resources free for the taking. Unfortunately, the Skeras Expedition Fleet had decided to claim the mining operation for themselves. This may have been the result of the failed negotiations between their water caste and our legal representatives. I heard the meeting went on for almost an entire planetary cycle non-stop. Neither side wanted to give any ground during the negotiations while also being too stubborn to end the meeting first. What finally ended the stalemate was when the water caste learned our legal reps were only looking to make a trade deal, and had no interest in joining their greater good.

The enemy commander, Vkovash, swore that Bishop would pay for the insults to the Greater Good. Apparently, our legal team did not have kind words on how the water caste operated. As a result, the Tau had intercepted our forces and forced us into an engagement with the goal of killing Bishop and breaking our morale.

Bishop knew of the infamous firepower of the Tau. He would need to take control of the facility without losing too many kin. He first ordered his pioneers to eliminate the fire warriors, as they would be needed to hold the ground that the rest of the Tau forces took. The rest of the kinhost took cover behind the barricades and stayed out of sight of the enemy firepower. Vkovash, his contingent of crisis and the riptide suits moved forward behind a large metal structure to obscure themselves from any possible return fire and obliterated a squad of bikes.

Bishop concentrated on all his firepower, his bodyguard, thunderkyn and his hearthkyn that had come in from reserves added their support. They were able to just barely eliminate the crisis suits. Enraged by the loss of his comrades, the riptide charged into the hearthguard to buy time for his Commander Vkovash and his lieutenant to get into a safer position. The fighting was fierce, yet slowly but surely the giant mechanical suit fell to the concentrated effort of the Hearthguard. `

Ironmaster Smith was wary of the Tau Hammerhead and the damage it could do to the Hekaton. He also knew the damage the Hekaton could do to the hammer heads as well. Whoever landed the first solid hit would finish the other tank off. When the Hammer head peaked out of its cover to take a shot at a sagitaur, Smith knew it was time. He quickly calibrated the systems targeting arrays and the Hekaton rounded the corner and took aim, then fired. After an ear shattering boom, the Magna-rail round bounced off the Hammerhead armor. The return fire from the hammerhead punched a solid hole through the Hekaton, leaving it inoperable.

The Westley Yuka Corporation had managed to get a solid hold on the facility, holding all the major areas and the Tau forces would soon need to retreat as the cost of Tau lives was not worth the cost. Vkovash had seen a mistake in Bishop’s positioning, and used his Coldstar battlesuit to soar high into the air before landing down meters away from Bishop. He unleashed all of his anger and hate for the Kahl. After the smoke had cleared, there was a shimmering field around Bishop who was mostly unharmed. Bishop cackled and laughed at the Commander, knowing he had survived the lethal salvo and there was nothing left that could be done. Vkovash would not let such an insult stand, but the mission demanded he retreat with his men. He charged Bishop and let loose a surprise right hook aimed right for the Kahl’s temple. Bishop was saved a lethal blow by his quick reactions, but the surprise of a Tau engaging in melee caused the strike to severely injure him still.

The Tau forces quickly retreated with the insults to the Greater Good answered. The Westley Yuka Corporation secured the rest of the facility and quickly rushed their Kahl to the nearest medical station as fast as possible. Bishop wouldn’t take the Tau so lightly from now on