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Westley-Yuka Corporation:

The Westley-Yuka corporation is multiplanetary league that specializes in weapons manufacturing and as a consequence of this there is an abnormally large amount of Brokhyrs present in the league. The West-Yuka Corp prioritize profit over almost anything else, casting aside frivolous things as morality and ethics in order to maximize monetary gains. Such practices of this strategy may manifest in the form of aggressive and sudden planetary takeovers if negotiations fail to proceed in a manner that is aligned with West-Yuka's logistics and operational planning. The corporation has been known to forgo negotiations entirely and simply bombard the planet, destroying the defenses before harvesting its resources before the inhabitants have any notion to evacuate as was the fate of Chaskathar.

After sending the starfreighter Narcissus to investigate a planet designated LV-426, the crew was engaged by a Genestealers Cult and suffered heavy losses. Rather than seeing this as a loss of ships and equipment, Westley-Yuka created a new bio-weapons division in an effort to research how the Genestealers could be used in order to create new bio-weapons that could be used to break into a unforeseen market, and reap unrealized profits. This Bio-weapons division has since expanded into reverse engineering Necron technology, hoping that the technological marvels of the ancient race could lead to higher profits than ever before as well as rocketing them up to the largest weapons manufacturers of all the Leagues.

After a routine scouting mission, the Hernkyn reported the vast mineral richness of the Skeras Secundus. A Kinhost was deployed to begin negotiations with the Imperial government stationed on the planet. What the Kinhost discovered on its arrival in the system were reports of Necron awakenings and an volatile situation brimming on total war. Westley-Yuka immediately ordered the kinhost to engage the Necrons and retrieve whatever technology it could for the Bio-Weapons division. Will the Westley-Yuka Corporation cooperate with Imperium to retain good favor of a potential client, or will they stab them in the back and take over this mineral rich, Necron technology ridden planet for themselves?

Westley Yuka Corporation Kinhost


Add 4" to the Range characteristic of all ranged weapons (excluding Relics) models with this custom are equipped with. Models in a unit with this custom that have a Save characteristic of 2+ gain a 4+ invulnerable save; other models in a unit with this custom gain a 5+ invulnerable save.


Each time a model with this custom (excluding a COG model) makes a ranged attack that targets a unit within half range, if that target has 1 or more Judgement tokens, the Armor Penetration characteristic of that attack is improved by 1.

Commander: Kahl Bishop Westley

Warlord trait: GRIM PRAGMATISM

After many near death experiences, Bishop has had Smith and Wesson to dull his pain receptors in order to prevent himself from falling in battle again. Having to spend time recovering is time that isn't spent working towards the success of the operation.

Each time this WARLORD would lose a wound, roll one D6: on a 5+, that wound is not lost.

Warlord trait: A Long List

  • Each time this WARLORD makes a ranged attack, the target does not receive the benefits of Light Cover against that attack.
  • Each time you select a target for this WARLORD’s ranged weapons, you can ignore the Look Out,Sir rule for any unit that has one or more Judgement tokens.
  • At the end of each phase, if any enemy units with Judgement tokens were destroyed during that phase by a <LEAGUE> unit from your army, select one enemy unit that is visible to this WARLORD; that unit gains 1 Judgement token.



Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase, when a VOTANN unit from your army is selected to shoot, or in the Fight phase, when a VOTANN unit from your army is selected to fight. Until the end of the phase, each time a model in that unit makes an attack against a target that has 1 or more Judgement tokens, you can re-roll the hit roll.

2nd in command: Iron-Master Smith & Ironkin Assistant Wesson

3rd in command: MAX (Mobile Assault Exo-Warrior) Einyhr Champion

Warlord Trait: Guild Connections

The Damage characteristic of all weapons this WARLORD is equipped with (excluding Relics) is increased by 1.


Personal Grudge

Use this Stratagem in your Command phase. Select one VOTANN CHARACTER unit from your army and one enemy unit that is on the battlefield. Until the end of the battle, each time a model in that CHARACTER unit makes an attack against the selected enemy unit, that enemy unit is considered to have 3 Judgement tokens on it for the purposes of determining what bonuses apply to the attacking model’s attacks.


Tord Kronn and Wall of Stone squad (Hearthkyn):



The Kin believe that rightful ownership lies with whoever strives hard enough to posses the prize.

Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. Select one VOTANN CORE INFANTRY unit from your army that is within range of an objective marker. Until the start of your next Movement phase, while that unit is within range of that objective marker:

  • That unit automatically passes Morale tests.
  • Unless that unit makes a ranged attack or declares a charge, that unit can ignore any rules that would cause any actions they are performing to fail.
  • Each time a model in that unit would lose a wound, roll one D6: on a 6, that wound is not lost.

Henry Yamamoto and the Royal Guard (Hearthguard):



The strong family bond between all members of a Kindred ensures that they will spare no effort to aid their imperilled comrades.

Use this Stratagem in your opponent’s Charge phase. Select one VOTANN INFANTRY or VOTANN BIKER unit from your army. Until the end of the phase, that unit is eligible to perform Heroic Interventions as if it was a CHARACTER

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