Valhallan 1212th task force

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The 1212th

The 1212th is a regiment raised during the Eastlight Nebula Wars. The Valhallan 1212th focuses on coordinating artillery and are good recon operators. They, like most other valhallans would rather die trying than reatreating. And they have turned many defeats into victories. They will march unflinchingly into the most hellish of firestorms. They are a infantry regiment with a artillery regiment attached to them. They were sent to Skeras Secundus to patrol there while their regiment healed up after some devestating battles. They were about to leave when the warpstorm hit and now they are back to protecting the sector at all costs. Colonel Vensk is a cold tactician, good but brutal and not scared of sending waves of infantry into zones being heavily bombarded. And saving a few lives isnt worth loosing a victory in his mind. Major Skolov on the other side, is an excellent combatatan and is good at being a "Lead by example" commander. While not the most tactically minded commander out there. He is liked by the soldiers in the 1212th. Major Varence is a brutally minded tank commander. Often leading from his tank "the Relentless Conqueror." He is leading some tanks to support the 1212th. And Major Ivanek. He is the company commander and is the leader of the 1st company.

We fight, we die and we kill.

By lasgun and bayonet our enemies fall. We achive victory no matter the costs. And now, in this world with ever growing threaths we will stand up to the xeno, to the heretic. And they will fall. Our ranks of soldiers will die in the name of the emperor where and whenever they are needed to die.

The emperor protects.

Regimental traits

  • Recon operator (6" pre game move)
  • Expert bombardiers (Each time a artillery fires at a model within 12" of a scout sentinel or a vox caster +1 to hit)


Colonel Chernov Vensk:

Warlord trait: Master Tactician.


  • Volley fire (Fire twice with infantry squad if remained stationary)
  • Strat 2: Acceptable losses (Shoot into melee. 1s hits your own)
  • Fought (and lost) against Necrons in J9.
  • Fought (and won) Against Necrons in J7.

2nd in command

Major Dorff Skolov:

Warlord trait: Lead by example.

  • Fought (and lost) againt chaos at Hama gate (2) with heroic distinction for leading by the front.
  • Fought (adn won) against chaos at Hama gate (3) Leading from the front.

3rd in command

Major Borys Varence - Tank commander In the Leman Russ "Relentless Conqueror"

Battle log
  • Fought (and lost) against chaos House Pavor at Hama gate (1) - H11. Sole survivor from the battle.
  • Fought (and lost) against chaos Brotherhood of flies at Hama gate (2) - H11 - Survived Fought (and won) against the Necrons at J7.
  • Fought (and won) against Necrons J7

4th in command

Major Volko Ivanek

Company commander

Fought (and won) at J7 against the Necrons.

Veteran units

Infantry unit - lead by sargeant Kezlov

Gained veterancy after miraculously surviving contact with the Court of Lord Amonthak the Black in sector J9. Close combat with Cryptothralls and helped by his cousin Egoryn in scout sentinel to escape. Looked Manipulant Amarus directly in the eye and saw his disgust.

Stratagem gained: Viscious traps.

Kezlov's unit defended against the sisters when they tried to claim the governor was a heretic. Even though Kezlov's squad lost 6 soldiers to sister bolter fire they stood, no one running.

Ability gained: Fearless.

Battle log

Fought at J7 alongside Ivanek rescuing the governor.

Tempestus command squad- lead by Tempestor prime Ador. After the scions under Ador, again and again came down from the skies, killing everything in their way Ador became a master at drill. Ability gained: Drill commander