The Order Of Eternal Rapture

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Order: "Eternal Rapture"

Order traits:

  • “Guided by the emperors will” (1 free hit or wound roll per unit)
  • “raging fervour” (melta guns and pistols count as half range and multi meltas count as half range at 18”)


Cannoness Beatrice

  • Warlord trait: righteous rage
  • Stratagems - deadly decent, blessed bolts

Second in command

Hospitaller Gertrude

  • Warlord trait indomitable belief

Third in command

Arch-confessor Archibald Dundarion

Fourth in command

Dogmata Dorethea

The order of Our martyred lady are in disarray after their loss and kidnapping of cannoness superior Junith Eruita. The Eternal Rapture has been issued with the crusade to bring back Junith from trazyn the infinite. They believe the only way to truly purge their enemies is by using their infamous melta superiority. Any captured forces conquered will be tortured or injected with a truth serum virus to extract any information about the whereabouts of the beloved cannoness.