Sector 536b65726173-4b3130 (K10) - Stardate 323032332d30332d3032 (2023-03-02)

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Engagement incident

Sector 536b65726173-4b3130

Stardate 323032332d30332d3032

Omsekh forces involved

Objective damaged unit

  • CDS-39 Canoptek Doomstalker

Repair units

  • CSS-142 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarms
  • CR-28 Canoptec Reainimator

Third Legion patrol reinforcements

  • Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion (Royal Warden)
  • 3LW-44 10x Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers
  • 3LW-73 10x Necron Warriors with Gauss Reapers

Fleshbags involved

Ambushing forces

  • A fleshbag in a large, badly upkept, armour.
  • A couple of swarms of huge fleshbags with integrated shadow gates.
  • A small swarm of larger, really dirty fleshbags with armour in serious disrepair.
  • A couple of huge swarms of diseased fleshbags.


Lord Amonthak the Black, Castellan of the Obsidian Labyrinth, Scourge of the Udjesret War, Vanquisher of Haramaz, Commander of the Third Legion

48616c6c206f6620457465726e616c20566963746f7279, 323032332d30332d3032

1st Warden Zahndrah. There have been disturbances in sector 536b65726173-4b3130. The canoptek units have been unstable, prone to breaking down and it has disturbed the plan. Now a doomstalker has reported serious malfunctions. Preservator Qemathuvek is sending some scarabs to repair the doomstalker and I want you to bring a patrol to secure the area, even though there has been no reports of higher concentrations of biological lifeforms than usual. Orders understood?


Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion

52657061697220666163696c6974696573, 323032332d30332d3032

My Lord, report from sector 536b65726173-4b3130. Apparently the fleshbags had fooled our canoptek units. My optical units revealed that more than a few of the organic specimens were heavily infused with energies from the shadow lands, to the level that they were indeed low level shadow gates, approximately 0.04-0.07 uzh. I have not encountered such organic units since 4d696c6c696f6e73206f662079656172732061676f. It is apparent that it is the energies from the shadow lands that is the source of the breakdowns and malfunctions in 536b65726173-4b3130.

As the background information you provided was so faul… As the background information was somewhat lacking I only brought 3LW-44 and 3LW-73. With only 20 warriors at my disposal there was nothing to be done with the shadow spawn and I decided that the best thing to do was to return to you with the uncorrupted sensorial data.

I must also point out that Preservator Qemathuvek’s scarabs and reanimator in no way managed to secure any important information or repair the damaged doomstalker. Had I not been there we would still not know anything about this critical situation in our vicinity. If the technomancer had done his job we wouldn't have had this problem with the canoptec units. Might it be that he has been corrupted and damaged through the long sleep? I often see Qemathuvek wandering aimlessly in the lower chambers. In fact, I suspect that he has been hiding information, like the presence of  the shadow gate anomalies, to draw us into danger, weaken us and make our dynasty more vulnerable. Might be he’s in league with the Sautekh. Or maybe Szarekhan and the Silent King…