Sector 536b65726173-4a39 (J9) - Stardate 323032332d30322d3136 (2023-02-16)

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Engagement incident

Sector 496d706f7274616e740a-506c6163650a

Stardate 323032332d30322d3136

Omsekh forces involved

Local working units

  • Manipulant Amarus (Plasmancer)
    • accompanied by CT-10 2x Cryptothralls
  • CRA-12 Canoptek Reanimator
  • CRA-16 Canoptek Reanimator
  • CSS-31 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarms

Local defence units

  • CDS-3 Canoptek Doomstalker
  • CDS-736 Canoptek Doomstalker

Third Legion patrol reinforcements

  • Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion (Royal Warden)
  • 3LW-44 15x Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers
  • 3LW-73 10x Necron Warriors with Gauss Reapers
  • 3LW-182 10x Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers
  • DS-2 Doom Scythe

Fleshbags involved

First wave

  • A pointing and shouting fleshbag.
  • A swarm of fleshbags.
  • Apparently no constructions. A primitive construction that smells bad.
  • Another swarm of fleshbags.
  • A large swarm of mechanical reinforced fleshbags.

Second wave

  • Apparently no constructions. A bipedal construction that smells bad and makes a lot of noise.
  • Apparently no constructions. Another bipedal construction.
  • A swarm of swarms of fleshbags. Including a few pointing and screaming fleshbags.

Predicted result

An even greater VICTORY to Omsekh! Our seers have predicted that the fleshbags will disturb our workforce at sector 496d706f7274616e740a-506c6163650a (J9) again. Apparently the fleshbags has run out of men, and will now send their females against us. We will deploy a patrol from the Third Legion and destroy them again and this time not let a single one of them get away. The fleshbags will be so afraid of us so they will leave our planet afterwards.


Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion

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A glorious victory for Omsekh, Lord Amonthak the Black (, Castellan of the Obsidian Labyrinth, Scourge of the Udjesret War, Vanquisher of Haramaz, Commander of the Third Legion), the Third Legion and myself, Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion!

Of course, if Lord Amonthak had followed my advice and deployed the Third Legion patrol in an advance posit... I was saying? Everything went according to the plan! The swarms of fleshbags eagerly threw themselves at us while damaging mostly canoptek workers. When I, Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion, entered the battle with the Third Legion patrol they realized they had no chance, broke and ran!

Lord Amonthak the Black, Castellan of the Obsidian Labyrinth, Scourge of the Udjesret War, Vanquisher of Haramaz, Commander of the Third Legion

436f756e63696c206f6620746865204275726e696e6720436f6c64, 323032332d30322d3136

I am pleased that I can report to you, fellow Lords of the Council of the Burning Cold, that I have secured another glorious victory.

My seers had reported a potential incident so I had prepared a patrol of Third Legion, if it turned out true. You know, we really can't trust the seers anymore. I am not yet sure if it's the long rest or the current anomalies that have disturbed them, but their accuracy is quite diminished. This time they had reported in that the fleshbags had run out of men and would send only women. Can you think of something so ridiculous? Even I, and I am not interested in the fleshbags, know that there are approximately 64 millions fleshbags on Skeras Secundus and the male to female ratio is 63%. But I digress. There was an intrusion into sector 496d706f7274616e740a-506c6163650a by more heavily armed fleshbag swarms. This specimens seemed more determined, and was wielding fusion weapons that they have no right to use, as primitive as they are. Maybe we should find out who equips this primitives? Well, were was I? Yes, our local working force was severely damaged and there was some damage inflicted on the patrols warriors due to 1st Warden Zahandrah's indecisiveness and slowness to act. But now we are finishing the fortifications and will start on the building of pylons, to remove the space ships of the fleshbags around Skeras Secundus. And I am myself planning a hunting excursion to get rid of a few of the fleshbags that infects our planet. Doesn't that sounds like a marvelous idea?

Interception from the fleshbags communication

With their minds gone wild with fury, and a raging war fervour, the sisters of the eternal rapture completely ignored their objective to secure and take a necron hostage. Raging with blood (metallic) lust, the sisters lost focus and went rampaging through the ranks of the necrons. Destroying all they could and leaving no prisoners. This was NOT the task at hand. Failing to achieve their goals, the necron forces were able to avoid capture and instead put themselves enough distance away for the sisters not to be able to collect their data. Even though the rapturous girls suffered minor losses, the mission was a failure. This will result in losing ground in their pursuit of their lost canoness. The necrons have begun fortifying and will make sector J9 a fortress from now on.

Discipline is needed amongst the ranks, with canoness Beatrice risking losing control of her battle force if they cannot find self control. This mindless rampaging needs to stop. In the name of the emperor they must repent!