Sector 536b65726173-4a39 (J9) - Stardate 323032332d30322d3039 (2023-02-09)

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Engagement incident

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Stardate 323032332d30322d3039

Omsekh forces involved

Local working units

  • Manipulant Amarus (Plasmancer)
    • accompanied by 2x Cryptothralls
  • Canoptek Reanimator
  • 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarms

Local defence units

  • Canoptek Doomstalker

Third Legion patrol reinforcements

  • Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion (Royal Warden)
  • 15x Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers
  • 10x Necron Warriors with Gauss Reapers

Fleshbags involved

First wave

  • A primitive construction that smells bad and makes a lot of noise (Chimera 00) containing
    • a pointing fleshbag (Major Dorff Skolov)
    • followed by a small swarm of fleshbags (Command Squad),
    • escorted by a huge fleshbag (Ogryn).
  • Another primitive construction (Chimera 01) containing
    • a swarm of fleshbags (Inf Squad 01).
  • A swarm of sneaking fleshbags (Inf Squad 02).

Second wave

  • A bipedal construction that smells bad and makes a bit less noise (Scout Sentinel 01).
  • Another bipedal construction (Scout Sentinel 02).
  • A primitive flying construction that smells bad and makes a lot more noise than all the other constructions (Valkyrie 01), containing
    • another swarm of fleshbags (Inf Squad 03).

Predicted result

A VICTORY to Omsekh! The fleshbags will disturb our workforce. We will deploy a patrol from the Third Legion and destroy them.


As our seers had foreseen there was an infestation of fleshbags on stardate 323032332d30322d3039. While our workers were restructuring (destroying) the primitive constructions outside the tomb gate a few swarms of bipedal fleshbags arrived in some vile and noisy ramshackle vehicles (if I may call them that) from the west. At once one of those ramshackle vehicles was destroyed by the Doomstalker that stood on guard. A swarm of fleshbags poured out of the wreck and started to shoot wildly with their ineffective beam weapons. Another transporter approached and out poured another small swarm, this one including a huge specimen. The worker scarabs approached the fleshbags to keep them away from the Doomstalker and maybe get a few genetic samples. The remaining transporter construction and the fleshbags spewed flames and laser beams on the scarabs and damaged a few of them. At the same time another swarm of fleshbags tried to sneak past the canopteks, but Manipulant Amarus was ever vigilant and chased them away with help of his cryptothralls, only suffering minor damage.

As the fleshbags apparently didn't get the message, Lord Amonthak ordered me to deploy with the newly awakened warriors. If it was my place I would have ordered deployment of the warriors earlier, instead of waiting for the inter… What was I saying? According to Lord Amonthak's brilliant plan I deployed with the newly awakened warriors and we advanced westwards where a couple of primitive bipedal constructions and a loud flying one arrived, all pouring primitive fire and projectiles into the Doomstalker, but nothing that our protective shields couldn't handle. While speeding by, the flying construction spewed out another swarm of fleshbags that my warriors engaged, reducing them to dust particles that our scarabs will be able to harvest for construction work at a later time.

Finally the fleshbags understood how hopelessly outclassed they were, and after the huge one managed to damage a lot of the scarabs with his club, the remaining of the fleshbag swarms slithered away into their dark hole. We really should have haunted them down and exterm… Where was I again? Thanks to our Lord Amonthak's wise decision we let them run away this time as we need a more coherent plan to get rid of all the pests at once, instead of spending time and energy on exterminating individuals.

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Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion