Quaraton III Reinforcement Battalion

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Forge world Quaraton III Reinforcement Battalion

After learning about the recent Necron awakening, due to the warp storm on Skeras Secundus the mechanicus was sent to the planet. Not only are they there to combat the awakening and other threats, but also study the necrons. You never know what secrets they hold... They currently have set up a rugged base in the far top of the map. They're landing zone was way off, due to the warpstorm messing with their ships systems.

Abilities! Quaraton III is a planet far off the main area of the imperium, but is very valuable. The planet is a desert with a lot of Radium ore The ore is used in weapons and energy production.

"Each time a ranged attack targets a unit with the core keyword and is outside of 12" of the unit it is shooting at the attack loses 1 str" "Each time a combat attrition test is taking for a unit with this dogma ignore all modifiers"

First in command -Tech Magos Capulus

Tech priest Manipulus

Warlord trait - First hand field testing "Add one to the strength and damage characteristic of one ranged weapon. (Magnarail lance)"

Strat - Galvanic volley fire "One target Skitarii unit change they're weapons from heavy 2 - Rapid fire 2"

Story: Capulus is a freshly promoted magos among the ranks of the Quraton III cult-mechanicus. He commands with an iron fist (literally) and seeks to eliminate the foes of the omnissiah.

Second in command - XV71

Skitarii marshal

Warlord trait - Archived engagements "In your command phase choose a skitarii core within 9" or a skitarii core with the data tether, they fight first"

Story: XV71 is a veteran marshal who has fought many battles. He dislikes capulus due to his willingness to sacrifice life for the mere reason of destroying the foe. Though only a marshal he also sees the value of the necrons wanting more to preserve their tech, rather than fully annihilate it.

Third in command - Datasmith Sprom

Tech-priest datasmith

Strat: binaric override: "Change a kastelant robot unit's active protocol without performing the action. This protocol stays on the rest of the game"

Story: Sprom was weird, even for the mechanicus's standards so he was sent here to take care of the kastelans. Far away so he wouldn't tarnish the datasmith's image.

Fourth in command -Tech Novitiate Fromulus

Tech priest engineseer

Story: Fromulus is in progress to becoming a techpriest,bu he exceled so much that he was allowed to replace the past engineseer that died on skeras.