Omsekh Dynasty

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The Omsekh is a minor dynasty, controlling around 25 suns on the Eastern Fringe. They are vassals to the Nihilakh dynasty and in their turn have a few small vassal dynasties, most notably the Hathortekh dynasty


The Omsekh dynasty is (theoretically) led by Kamatep, the Crimson Regent, but since he hasn't awakened from his long rest, the Council of the Burning Cold has taken it upon themselves to guide Omsekh in this perilous times. The currently active members of the Council are Overlord Ragatep, Solar Canopticant (Knekk), Lord Amonthak the Black (Coleslaw), Lord Michotekh, Conquerer of the Dormant Veil, (Michal) and Elkoketkh, Lord of the Golden Tombs (Eiric). In addition, a representative from the Hathortekh dynasty, the Grand Vizier Sokrathot (Mads), has recently been accepted into the council on the behalf of Kynaz Overlord Phobotek the Unyielding.


The Omsekh dynasty was small and quite unimportant before the Exaltation. Due to the political mind and aggressiveness of Kamatep, the Crimson Regent, Omsek grew and integrated(engulfed/swallowed) a couple of larger dynasties during the War in Heavens, one of them being the Ekotekh dynasty But when the Silent King rebelled against the treacherous C'tan, most of the power of the Omsekh was destroyed in some of the most destructive of battles the universe ever knew. And with the might of the Eldar rising, the Omsekh dynasty went to their long sleep, leaving behind a small empire of around 25 stars.


The Omsekh dynasty was centered around the Trepula sun, and Kamatep, the Crimson Regent is overlord of the Trepula-system. But when planet was chosen for the Long Sleep, it was decided to use Skeras Secundus because of its stable core. And Solar Canopticant Ragatep is the overlord of Skeras Secundus.


Regent/King: Noble. Ruler of a dynasty.

Overlord: Noble. Ruler of a planet.

Lord: Noble. Ruler of something important, or just very influential.

Wizier: Probably a noble. An advisor to a ruler of a dynasty.


The Omsekh dynasty follows the rules for the Nihilakh dynasty.

Aggressively Territorial Units with this code have the Objective Secured ability. If a model in such a unit already has this ability, that model counts as one additional model when determining control of an objective marker. Each time an attack with an Armour Penetration characteristic of -1 is allocated to a model with this code, if that model's unit is wholly within its controller's deployment zone, that attack has an Armour Penetration characteristic of 0 instead. When the Protocol of the Eternal Guardian becomes active for your army, if every unit in your army (excluding DYNASTIC AGENT and C'TAN SHARD units) has this code, you can select both of that command protocol's directives instead of just one.