House Pavor

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House Pavor

Not much is known about House Pavor until they marched out of the warp storm that suddenly appeared at Skeras Secundus.

House traits

Infernal Household: Daemonic Surge
  • Daemonic Hunger:Add 3" to this model’s Move characteristic.
  • Daemonic Fortitude:Each time an attack is made against this model, an unmodified wound roll of 1-3 for that attack fails, irrespective of any abilities that the weapon or the model making the attack may have.
  • Daemonic Power:Select one weapon this model is equipped with. Each time an attack is made with that weapon, add 1 to that attack’s wound roll.

Warp Vision

  • Each time an attack is made by a model with this Fell Bond, the target does not receive the benefits of Light Cover against that attack.


Deceased - Zy'lith Raven - pilot of Vindex Bellifica - fallen in battle against the Valhallan 1212th task force

First commander of house Pavor. The superior pilot of the despoiler Vindex Bellifica.

Warlord trait: Aura of Terror

Andire Xhul - pilot of Atrolvaeos

Second commander of house Pavor. The superior pilot of the Moirax Atrolvaeos.

Warlord trait: Harbinger of Scrapcode

Daeon Noctis - pilot of Diamedes

Very little is known about this pilot yet.


Hunting hounds: Use this Stratagem at the start of your Movement phase. Select up to two <DREAD HOUSEHOLD> WAR DOG-CLASS models from your army that are more than 6" away from any enemy models and within 6" of a battlefield edge. If the mission you are playing is using the Strategic Reserves rules, place those models into Strategic Reserves - those models cannot arrive from Strategic Reserves in the same turn it is placed into Strategic Reserves.


The battle at Hamma Gates (Area H11)

The battle at Hama Manufactorum (Area I10)