Generating a force

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Send your force and starting upgrades to Gahrian on Discord or

Step 1) Select you warlord.

Any non-named HQ from your codex  is qualified. But it should make sense. If you want a Space Marine lieutenant to be the warlord but still want to include a captain, this must be explained and approved.

If you pick "Space Marine primaris captain with power fist" as your warlord, he can change his wargear for each battle as long as he remains a "primaris spacemarine". Same for Overlords and other HQs with multiple loadouts. An Overlord can be on foot with ressurection orb in one battle, and mounted in a catacomb command barge in another battle.

Step 2) Further HQs

Select 2nd in command, 3rd in command.

Select datasheet. Give them a name (and a story)

Step 3) Upgrade your HQ

You get 4 "points" that you can distribute among your leaders :

  • 1 point = Select a warlord trait and assign it to a leader.
  • 1 point = Select a stratagem and assign it to a leader. (same stratagem can be selected multiple times)
  • 2 point = make a stratagem "armywide" (see below)

Your primary warlord needs to have at least one point assigned to him. You can not assign more than 2 warlord traits. A single unit can only have 1 WL trait (in the first phase of the campaign)

Step 4) Describe your battleforce

Describe your battleforce. Read the campaign introduction and find your "role" on the planet (or surrounding system) Extra cool if you coordinate with other players in the faction.

At this step there is no roster for other forces under your command, other than the 2-5 characters. As you get veteran units during the campaign you will start tracking them.