Ekotekh dynasty

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The Ekotekh dynasty was destroyed and absorbed into the Omsekh dynasty during the War in Heavens, under the rule of Kamatep, the Crimson Regent. But something has happened to Lord Elkoketh, and the Ekotekh dynasty has risen again within the ranks of the Omsekh dynasty.


Elkoketkh, Lord of the golden tombs

Lord Elkoketkh has yet to recover fully from his sleep and is having random lapses in memory. The only thing he knows for certain is that the fleshed intruders in the universe needs to suffer and die for disturbing his well earned rest.

He is a member of the Council of the Burning Cold and Lord of the Golden Tombs. Before the long sleep he was a Noble of the Omsekh dynasty, but after the awakening he has taken up the role as Regent of the Ekotekh dynasty.

Skorpekh Lord Gelkoketkh The Unpredictable

The only one able to harness the madness of the golden destroyers, but in ways not expected by friends or foes.

Technomancer Otelketkh The Fixer

Master of invigorating the canoptek to defend their tombs and their lords.