Court of Overlord Ragatep, Solar Canopticant

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Ragatep is the Overlord of Skeras Secundus.


Overlord Ragatep, Solar Conapticant of the Omsekh Dynasty

"My coffin had been defiled. My resting place was pulverized beyond recognition. My form was no more. Under normal circumstances, our stasis coffins are well equipped to handle this. However, I am... Incomplete."

Ragatep does not feel fully in control of his body, and his Necrodermis has a will of it's own after the awakening. There is a strange force pulling him back towards his now destroyed coffin. To counteract this, he has tied himself physically to his constructs, and his constructs are programmed to negate this force. Only his closest advisors are aware of his reliance on constructs for movement.

Seen as a brilliant inventor and has mastered the use of solar energy for empowering necrodermis.

Ragatep is part of the Omsekh dynasty, a member of the Council of the Burning Cold and Overlord of Skeras Secundus.

Warlord trait: Thrall of The Silent King

Stratagem: Resurrection Protocols

Model: Overlord

Purgator Setubitar, Royal Warden and Grand Marshal of the Omsekh Dynasty

A fierce warrior who holds a grudge against his own court for their favoring of canopteks. He would be better at holding a grudge if his memory protocols functioned properly. Firmly believes in the Necrontyr ways of old, and that Ragateps focus on technological advancement and power is a waste of time. However, at this time, his hands are tied and his arguments do not hold much swaying power in the presence of a failed awakening and the questionable sanity of his soldiers.

Stratagem: Solar Pulse

Model: Royal Warden

Setekh the Shaper, Grand Architect

Lead technomantic advisor to Ragatep. As per Ragatep's instructions and blueprints, he has been responsible for building much of the tomb world while adhering to his vision. He is incredibly loyal to Ragatep, and much of Ragateps enthusiasm for power has rubbed off on him. He himself leads a smaller group of technomancers, all of which answer to him.

Stratagem: Self-destruction

Model: Technomancer

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