Court of Lord Amonthak the Black

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As far as I see it, there are only two sides of this conflict. One is our glorious dynasty, Omsekh, and the other is the living vermin that infests our universe. I don't care if the vermin walk on 2, 4 or 6 legs, if they cross my way I will crush them under my heel! /Lord Amonthak the Black, Castellan of the Obsidian Labyrinth

The Court

Lord Amonthak the Black, Castellan of the Obsidian Labyrinth, Scourge of the Udjesret War, Vanquisher of Haramaz, Commander of the Third Legion

My fellow Lords of the council! I say we should immediately send an emissary to the Storm Lord to work on an understanding. I will never again obey the Silent King and be his slave! And it's quite obvious that Nihilakh and Szarekhan are doomed to fall before the unstoppable legions of the Storm Lord! And no one wants to be on the losing side...

Amonthak is called the Black because of his temper, always prone to violence. A noble lord and commander of the Third Legion, he has been in the forefront in the war against the Eldar and the Old Ones. Finally being freed from the Silent Kings chains of slavery, he has become most obsessed with his personal freedom (not caring about anyone below him in the hierarchy). He was against Omsekh allying with Nihilakh in the first place, and now he’s scared that it will lead back to the Silent King’s chains again. The only protection against being made a slave is to enslave all others!

Amonthak is part of the Omsekh dynasty, a member of the Council of the Burning Cold and Commander of the Third Legion and uses all his influence to achieve an aggressive expansionist policy.

Warlord trait: Precognitive Strike (Lord Amonthak always fights first in combat)

Stratagem: Disruption Fields (+1 str in combat)


Zahndrah, 1st Warden of the Third Legion

Zahndrah always felt superior. Superior to the fleshbags, superior to the other Necrontyr, superior to the other officers. Zahndrah never manages to finish the thought, but she would probably be the most important and best member of the dynasty if she had been born a noble. She fulfills every order given but knows that if she would have issued that order, it would have been better and more efficient.

Stratagem: Solar Pulse (no cover for an opponent unit)


Preservator Qemathuvek, Technomancer

Qemathuvek has vague (and partially manipulated) memories of when he served the Omsekh dynasty in life as a preservator. The passion that burned in his heart. The curiosity. Now he still serves the dynasty, but out of loyalty. There is no thought now except how to fulfil his duty in the most effective way. There is no initiative and lateral thinking until he encounters a problem that the ordinary solution already has failed to solve. In those few moments he can still feel a bit of enthusiasm and wonder. But those times are few and far apart.

Stratagem: Resurrection Protocols (noble or cryptek, 4+ returns to life with 1d3 wounds)

Artifact: Haotam control node


Manipulant Amarus, Plasmancer

Amarus is filled with rage and frustration. He is searching for his lost love. They were separated on their way to the Exaltation. The only thing he remembers from Before is that Kheshen was a power cell technician and he had the most beautiful and expressive eyes. Amarus has been searching for those eyes among the warrior caste for what feels (and nears) an eternity. His only release is the killing of the enemies of Omsekh. But even that is nothing against the darkness and rage within him.


Engagement reports

  1. Sector 536b65726173-4a39 (J9) - Stardate 323032332d30322d3039 (2023-02-09)
  2. Sector 536b65726173-4a39 (J9) - Stardate 323032332d30322d3136 (2023-02-16)
  3. Sector 536b65726173-4b3130 (K10) - Stardate 323032332d30332d3032 (2023-03-02)
  4. Sector 536b65726173-4a37 (J7) - Stardate 323032332d30332d3038 (2023-03-08) (Still WIP)