Chapter 2 rules

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TLDR: The world went to shit with the combination of the Necron defense system and Brotherhood of flies tampering with their ruined obelisk. 90% of the worlds population died. Severe damage to all infrastructure.



Each faction start with two "armies" / "forces" / "whatever" on the map.

Army roster

You must define an army roster for each of your two forces. The roster is 4000 points. Define your roster in your faction definition.

Logistics are now hard.

Each faction start with 2 slots on the map (report your start to GM). And that represent all your forces. You can split them as you see fit. You can move them once pr day (Real life day). Engagements only happens where forces clash.

Vehicles are not automatically replaced.

After a battle - all vehicles destroyed are removed from your force. You can only replenish vehicles at certain locations.

Enhancements are the new leader/veteran ability.

Each new faction get 3 "points to spend on enhancements. You can use the enhancements in your index or you can make up your own and negotiate with GM for approval.

If you choose to continue your old force - you can convert old stratagems to new enhancements.

Each enhancement can only be attached to one character. You can not replicate across your rosters.

Stratagems work (almost) as normal in 10th.

If you use one of your two main armies . you can use stratagems as normal.

If you do not have your warlord alive and on the field (or in a transport) you cannot use stratagems.

If you deploy a small scouting force - you do not have access to stratagems unless the mission specifies it.

No epic characters allowed.

We make our own!