Brotherhood of flies

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We followed the codex

We fought for the Emperor

In linear time we estimate the time we were changed to be 2300 years ago. But what use is linear time to us? It is of limited use. In truth time flows and ebbs like water, it gathers and disperses, even evaporates. It has been but a moment since the Geller field collapsed and our little brothers flowed out from the walls of our battle barge, and it has been an absolute eternity as well.

Personally I stood there at the fore with my battle brothers as I always had and I always will. Such is the constant and neverchanging long war we fight. Just as it is with the corruption of the Imperium, it ever flows forwards, seemingly eternal. And deep in its rotting core, writhing with taint from the age of technology sits the arch corruptor himself on his corpse throne. But it does not have to remain like this for eternity, there is hope for the Galaxy. In flickers I see it, as my mind breaks through all the layers of lies and propaganda. There is hope for humanity yet! Even something as small as a thought can make a true difference to the state of our Galaxy. Even something as small as a fly that lives only days can change all our fates.

We forge our own fate

We follow no codex

We fight the Emperor


Naugh Coronax

Chaos Lord marked by Nurgle, warlord of Brotherhood of Flies (Iron warriors ruleset)

Relic: Old Hat. The helmet Naugh wore when he was an ultramarine. Reduces the Ld stat of the bearer by 1.

Attached Stratagem: Veterans of the Long War

Warlord trait: Bastion (Iron warriors trait)


2nd in command

Perfax Ryland

Chaos Lord of Chaos Undivided, second in command of Brotherhood of Flies

Warlord trait: Architect of Destruction (Iron warriors trait)

3rd in command

Guthiex the Herald

Demonic herald of Nurgle

Two custom psychic blessings that can go on any Nurgle marked unit. DELIGHTFUL PUSTULES and THE WHITE FLY SWARM

Enables demon ally detachment containing only Nurglings

"Sometimes the warp says 'no' " - Guthiex the Herald after the 3rd battle of Hama gates

Extra Boon from the ward (rolled 6 then 3) - 1 extra cast. +1 to cast

4th in command

The Commander of Flies

Chaos Guard commander

Uses the ruleset of Lord Solar Leontis

Enables Chaos Guard ally detachment

Veteran units

<yet un named> Chaos Legionare unit that held back a wave of guards at the 3rd battle of Hama Gates

Stratagem: Dour duty (-1 damage taken)

Chaos spawn