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There are two main super factions. Imperium and Necrons. But a lot of other entities have incentives to skew the progress of the battle one way or another.

Unless there is a good narrative reason - there will be no blue-on-blue fights in Phase one. You have to fight across superfactions.

For this first scramble phase - generate battles this way:

Step1 - opponent and battlefield

  • Find opponent(s). 1 v 2 , 2 v 2, or whatever you want
  • Agree on a battle size and action.
    • For phase 1 - all forces will start at 100% strength - so if you agree on a 2k battle, both forces have 2k points available.
  • Who is the attacker, who is the defender.
    • Attacker, what are you trying to achieve ?
  • Pick a point on the map to fight over that matches the above.
  • If the faction has borders, you can use all / any of your forces.
  • If you sneak behind enemy lines, your force selection is limited.

Step2 - Physically meet up and have a game:

  • agree on consequences of the battle. It's all up to you - and what you think is fun. Look at the section below for example battles and feel free to use one, or make your own.
    • Agree on what global parameter will be affected by this battle. This is the initial state and represent what your forces want to achieve. For example an imperium player attacking a known Necron site will halt the AWAKENING, while Necrons attacking an imperial or neutral site can increase AWAKENING and reduce FORTIFICATION AND CONSOLIDATION
    • When you report the battle, the gamemaster will adjust the global parameter accordingly.
    • An empire force attacking a necron site - that wins by a small margin and loses almost all its forces may reduce AWAKENING, but could just as well reduce FORTIFICATION.
  • Set up a battlefield that matches the sector you're fighting in - it does not have to be GT compatible, but it can be - all up to you.
  • Attacker has first turn and must deploy their force first

Step 3 - Aftermath

  1. Note down units that stood out / MVP / heroic actions and so on. These may qualify for becoming veterans
  2. Roll for veteran units and HQ that died in the battle. For non-HQ units a roll of 1-2 means the unit perishes and upgrades are lost. For HQ a roll of 1 means the unit perishes. Upgrade a second in command to become your warlord.
  3. Write a battlereport - or if you hate that - send a PM or email til the gamemaster with a short description of what happened.
  4. Both players independently reports their deaths and veterans to the gamemaster.


As I don't want to hold the startup of the campaign back any more I have aborted the custom scenarios for Phase 1 - Play any kind of mission in MRB, GT, Tempest of War or make up a battlefield and story as you see fit.