Battlereport - retaking Hamma gate

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Taking back Hamma from the traitors. A battle-report produced by Major Doff Skolov after the battle that would decide the fate of Hamma.

Skolov looked at the floor of the chimera before he raised his head to say his inspiring words. Skolov had gathered the units he saw best fit to fight chaos and another platoon as addition. And they marched proudly into battle, with dead traitors on their mind. He stood up and walked over to the build in vox in the chimera. Then he sent to the entire force taking back Hamma. “Heroes of the guard, do not tremble, do not falter, this is a city of the emperor, the traitors came in thinking they could destroy a city of the emperor. But they are wrong. We will destroy every last of the traitors with our overwhelming power. And we won’t surrender, we won’t die, we won’t loose, but we will destroy them. And when the sun goes down. All that is left of the traitors are corpses. Now, my proud guard, march into battle, for the emperor!” Skolov took a deep breath after sending the message. Then he touched the vox again to give orders to his force. He told his soldiers to advance slowly forward and take aim while destroying chaos. One minute after his speech, they met a swarm of cultists, traitors, spawns and a city full of other chaos they had yet to discover.

Egoryn, once more given a scout sentinel, had been in the front of the battle when the firing started. He ran the sentinel forward to give the loyalist’s information on what was inside these building. When he came to look into one house he was greeted by a squad of marines. He fired his multi laser into them and charged them to try to kill the marines.

While this was going on, second-platoon advanced forward and fired into the different chaos things. They tried to push forward but was met with to much chaos and they ended with taking cover and firing back and forth with the chaos.

Kezlov stood up as he got the message to exit the chimera. Him, and the rest of his squad charged out the door as soon as it opened. “Forwards for the emperor!” Kezlov screamed as they joined the command squad. He raised his bolt pistol and blasted a cultist. He never felt more alive than when charging forward towards a enemy.

Skolov and his command squad, now running behind Kezlov’s squad. Heard a big explosion to the right of them. Then Skolov got voxed that a infantry squad trying to enter the building had been damaged by explosives planted by the chaos. A commissar standing close had been saved by his ogryn bodyguard. Then Skolov spotted a venom crawler and he ordered focus fire on it. With a sentinel bringing its hunter-killer missile and his lascannons in addition to artillery they were able to take it down.

The scions landed. They were behind enemy lines, and now they were unleashing heavy hot-shot-lasfire into the enemies of the emperor. Supporting the forces trying to kill a venom crawler. And bringing a obliterator down. But most of the scions were having some pain in the head. The side with second platoon was still stuck in a gunfight with the chaos, and had I get support from kasrkin and more infantry not to loose the position they already held. But on the opposite side chimeras we’re burning cultists like they were nothing. Skolov raised his powersword as he screamed “CHARGE!” They charged in and cut many traitors down, but he and many others were having headaches. As he stood on top of a traitor corpse he reached for his pain-killer meds and took more than the recommended amount. He swallowed them and continued to chop traitors.

As Skolov’s command squad moved forward and soon spotted traitor terminators inside the imperial church of the emperor. There were four terminators, but one of the terminators looked different. It didn’t really matter to Skolov. He ordered focus fire into the terminators. Two out of the three green terminators fell to the fire. The blue terminator fell backwards. The terminator ran through the wall and charged them, Kezlov saw what was coming and slid a AT mine under the terminators feet. The terminator had to emergency warp away after the mine blasted of his legs.

Then, after almost the entire city was cleared from the traitors except the church. Then it happened, a lot of noises inside the church could be heard by the ones close to the church. Then it exploded outwards, killing dozens of Valhallan soldiers, and hurting even more. But they had won. They would later charge into the church full remaining force to take anything that hadn’t ran.

Even thought the battle of Hama is won, a lot has of people has died or been injured.

But as expected, victory to the emperors believers.

Signed Major Dorff Skolov. Second in command of the Valhallan 1212th.