Battlereport - defence of the cathedral of St Augustina

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Praise be to the eternal! We warned the next foe of the power and brute force that will be mustered against them, but did those fools listen?! NO! And they felt the wrath. Did those filthy stinking heretics really expect us to roll over and give up the cathedral of St Augustina?! I think the maggots have ate away at their deluded minds. But what a sight to behold today on this sacred battlefield. Watching my girls… MY PRIDE melt away horde after horde of rotten walking corpses was artistic to say the least. The smell of melta will linger on through the streets and all over this city to warn any who may step foot on our new holy land. This new place of worship will belong to my order… the governor is not worthy of such ownership. Let it be known that the NEW name of this city shall be called Rapture. And by the word of the emperor and all the ecclisiarchy, this shrine will be under the rule and protection of the order of the eternal rapture and it’s daughters. Now we sleep my angels. As a huge victory today, only means a drop of ointment in the brazier. War is raging, but so are we! Praise be to the eternal! - Cannoness Beatrice