Battlereport - Quarathon vs Hathortekh E11

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The mechanicus detect necron signals close to their sector. The mechicum send out a skirmish force to not only learn about the dynasty on the planet but also to suppress the newly discovered outpost.

The mechanium quickly strike when they come within engagement range of the necrons who have fortified their outpost.

The mechanicum spot the giant doom scythe and the imperial knights fire all of their auto cannons into the flyer and manage to bring it to the near point of destruction. The rest of the mechanium storm up the board trying to gain control of the outpost before the necrons can retaliate.

The necron pilot decides to kamikaze into the brunt of the mechanicus forces, but not before annihilating an ironstrider and unloading its plasma into a knight, blowing a hole right into the chest of the war machine.

The mechanicus continues to storm up the outpost, killing thousands of scarabs attempting to halt them. The almost everyone unloads into the knight, trying to kill it before it can unleash its array of weapons once more. But the flier persists! One of the armigers though fires into the enemy canoptek wraiths almost levelling the squad.

The necrons load up the gauss weaponry, with targets finally in range and fire several volleys of well aimed shots killing a cavalry unit. The flier zips up the board trying to kill the remaining units on the objectives.

The mechanicus finally get into position for the final strike, as several skitarii including the marshal, XV71. Electro priests charge into the enemy lines of necrons with kastelan robots following suit. The armigers also manage to eliminate the doom scythe after several ranks of fire.

The necrons pull back and fire and the remaining wraiths charge into the kastelans wrecking the squad. The plasmamancer after witnessing his convoy being destroyed flees, but not before slaying some electro priests. The scarabs also swarm XV71, slaying him.

The necrons decide to cut their losses, and “retreat” handing the outpost over to the mechanicus and by extension the imperium (E11). As the necrons return to their tombs the mechanicum pick up another anomaly, a giant obelisk.