Battle report - second battle for Hama gate

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Battle of the Hamma gate.

Major Varence looked up as the reinforcements arrived. Colonel Vensk had ordered more troops to Hamma to fight the panic after the recent Chaos knight attack outside the gates. The chaos knights had come as a surprise and obliterated the outside defenders. So the chaos had good intel on their base. The reinforcements were also there to defend the city if the chaos would follow up on their attack. And now there were flies everywhere! The planet was too cold for natural fly infestations. They hadn’t caused harm.. so far. But they were annoying.

Varence looked at the leading chimera in the line of reinforcements. It spat out flames from its heavy flamers in hope of getting some flies away. The chimera drove over to where Varence stood. Varence leaned on the side of his leman russ “The relentless conqueror.” The chimera turned around so the main door of the transport faced Varence. The hatch opened and the first thing he spotted was the unforgettable sight of Major Skolov and his command squad. They walked out slowly. Skolov was accompanied by a ogryn bodyguard carrying a huge ripper gun. “Good day, sir” Varence said calmly to Skolov. “Hello, major” Skolov replied…..

Outside the city, while Skolov and Varence is talking, brave scout sentinels sneaked around to try to spot enemies and tell Hama if they found them. Only the bravest pilots had started on this mission, after the panic in the city.)Egoryn looked at the sunrise. He piloted one of the scout sentinels outside the city. It was dangerous and scary. But there is no time to worry about death, and duty only ends in death. That was what the sentinel pilot told himself. He turned back to the sentinel controls. He knew how those worked, and manoeuvred through building and other obstructions to continue his scout route. He continued with this another hour, trying to hit some flies with this Laspistol that he carried on him. His sentinel is closing on Hamma gate. That’s when he hears a sound and stops to listen. Not long after he understand what it might be he hides the sentinel behind a building and voxes in what he believes he had found.

As soon as Skolov got the message, he ordered battle-stations. He went into his command chimera to join the rest of his squad. He ordered the chimera to drive them to the gate. If there was enemies, he would meet them straight on. When he arrived at the gate, his chimera was joined by two infantry squads and a commissar. It was then he saw it. A chaos land raider speeding to get to the gate. Then heavy vox traffic began as the two infantry squads and the commissar jumped ready as several squads of guardsmen that had been stationed here for long, suddenly fired volleys of las into the commissars escort! At the same time, the land raider fired all its guns into Skolov’s command chimera. Skolov understood that it wasn’t going to survive that and his squad jumped out as it exploded behind them. His entire command squad made it out. Suddenly a traitor guardsmen squad charged one of the loyal infantry squads. Skolov wasn’t afraid of close combat with the traitors, and he threw himself and his squad at the charging traitors. He feels the weight of the power sword in his hands as he cuts the head of a traitor. His squad follow with the ogryn charging forward with his huge knife doing lots of damage to the traitor squad.

Kezlov was glad that his commander that was not afraid of any challenge, his squad had gotten fired into and they had been assaulted in close combat. But the soldiers he saved last time wasn’t going to run. And neither were the two new recruits to the squad that hadn’t died. He nodded in satisfaction with his squad as they stood up against the turncoats and held. Raising his chain sword, he cut a traitor to the ground and thought about the long battle in front of them.

Egoryn spotted a chaos rhino driving around the corner of the building he stood at. He tried to make it over to the gate but something was stuck in the sentinel feet. Lots of nurglings swarmed the sentinel. He smashed some of them with his sentinel feet. Then he ran for the gate as he spotted the other sentinel on guard right now getting eaten alive by a venom crawler. He closed in on the gate. He stood almost right outside the gate as he stopped to send in coordinates for the artillery. He voxed in coordinates and saw the artillery fire hit. He felt the heatwash from the exploding Landraider.

Varence was tempted to go outside his leman russ to hit the traitor guardsmen hitting his tank. But he calmed himself as he sent orders around to the armoured units. He had ordered his own leman russ to fire its sponsons into the traitors while the turret weapon fired into the terminators that came out of the land raider. He looked out the top of his tank to get a better picture. He saw Skolov and Kezlov’s infantry squad dashing behind the walls to avoid enemy fire. He saw the chaos steadily advancing towards the gate. The right side of the Hama gate had two surviving soldiers on it. That he could see at least. He went down into his leman russ again as he closed the hatch.

Skolov got a vox message indicating a venom crawler was on the way to climb over the wall he stood behind. The chaos charged forwards toward the base, and he stood behind a wall. He ordered Kezlov’s unit and his command squad to jump back into the gate. Then he heard the roar of Valkyrie’s and got voxed that the Scions had deployed. As the ogryn spotted more chaos bikes speeding towards the gate, he raised his ripper gun and crashed one of them. The two remaining got hit by volleys of hot-shot las fire, the second bike crashed but the third one continued even though it had taken some damage. He quickly understood that more chaos needed to die if they were to succeed. He got voxed that the scions were being attacked by chaos spawn.

Egoryn sent a quick prayer to the emperor as the artillery fell. He stood in the way of a lot of chaos so he was a main target. He ducked down into his sentinel to try to hide behind the armoured plates in the scout sentinel. At the same time he sent coordinates to the artillery. All this while firing the sentinels multi-laser. He saw a bunch of bolt rounds fly over his head. When the bolter shots got replaced by the sound of chain-weapons he jumped off and ran to get behind the wall. As the sentinel fell behind him.

As bikers, space marines, nurglings and the other, evil chaos things charged into the gate to plant explosives, Skolov ordered all living units to fire at them. Then he charged himself, his escort and his command squad to charge into the enemy. Then he noticed something strange as he put his powersword into a space marine he saw that the enemy’s warlord held a.. a ultramarine helmet? The commissar ran straight at the warlord on the bike. But it ended with another head to the chaos. They had killed everything that had breached the gate except the warlord. The warlord planted the last explosive as he headed away. Skolov ordered everyone to get away from the gate. Moments after, Hamma gate blew up. He cursed. The chaos forces were so reduced they would have to get more forces if they were to take the place, but they had lost. With no gate, the chaos could easily swarm them. “Transports are on their way sir.” His master vox said, looking down at the vox masters bloody chain sword. “Fallback, and destroy anything the chaos could use. But do not see this as a loss! See this at a new possibility to make heroes. To kill the heretics! We will not lose this city before I am dead on the ground with a tower of dead heretics around me!” Valkyries arrived to evacuate all the infantry and heavy weapons. The artillery would drive with Varence. He stepped onto the Valkyrie and took a seat. He was tired, the heretics took energy to kill. He still couldn’t believe he had lost the battle. They were so close, if only that damn commissar had disturbed the chaos warlord enough to slow him down. They could have driven off the rest of the chaos.