Battle report - Manufactorum Fatum3 sector H14

From Bellarb Campaign
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So after being sent to fight a lost cause, the sisters’ hearts were not in the fight. After seeing the overwhelming might of the votann, the sisters pulled back and instead took vengeance against the imperium by destroying most of the refineries. To further insult they decimated the towering moment of emona primus. If this was to send a message to the governor or to stop it falling into the hands of the xenos is yet to be certain. Alliances between the order and the imperial factions are wavering.

The sisters pulled back and regrouped after losing considerable losses, but luckily this was not their full force. With their reputation tarnished, the full might of the order of the eternal rapture has been mustered. More melta weaponry than what has been seen wielded by any imperium force before has been assembled. They only pray that the next foe understands the rage and power that this force will deploy.

All hail cannoness Beatrice as she will lead the sisters to THEIR glory. Praise be to the eternal!