Base Rules

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Pick one faction. All forces must be from that faction. (Exception is Chaos factions that are allowed to mix and match within the chaos superfaction.)

No named characters from any codex will be allowed.

There will be no CP and there will be limited set of stratagems available. See rules for this later.

You much pick a HQ unit to represent the leader of your force. This person does not need to participate in every battle, but warlord traits and stratagems will only be available if this person is on the batlefield.

You can pick 1-3 other HQ units to represent you second in command, 3rd in command and so on. As they level up, they can gain warlordtraits and stratagems. These units can independently lead a force into battle and act as warlord for a game.Multiple HQ can participate in a single battle.

Your units can DIE.

You units can level up and become veterans and more. There will be a roster of experienced troops. Should they die - they are dead and upgrades lost.