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  1. The core idea is that some event (tm) has happened and caused a huge shift in the local immaterium - a warp storm. This has caused the triggering of an emergency awakening of the necron tomb that has been mostly dormant / hidden for the imperium mining colony on the planet. There are several huge monoliths placed on the planet that have a anti-psychic nullfield effect
  2. To the imperium, this planet is a mineral world what provides much needed raw materials for the empire. But over the years the planet has grown a sizeable industrial base both on the planet and in orbit.
  3. The system have several smaller uninhabited worlds and moons but they see little traffic.
  4. Back in the horus heresy era the planet was fought over by both sides - primarily by Adepticus mechanicus and dark admech forces. The southern continent of Driina still bears the scars of a huge god engine fight
  5. In the days since the warp event the planetary administration has been in panic. Retracting imperial assets back closer to the city of Emona Primus and the outlying manufactorums. Some mining settlements have been abandonned, some have been reinforced by local forces. The Administration focus on getting a signal through the warp storm but has not succeeded
  6. A Tau battleforce was torn from the warp enroute to a different sector all together.
  7. The local navy forces are unresponsive.
  8. Many settlements are have not reported in. Preliminary scout reports indicate mass slaughter of some settlements. Nothing confirmed.
  9. 90%+ of all psychers have perished or gone mad.
  10. Looting and rioting in most larger settlements.


  • -01:37:23 - Councul informed that an increased number of convoys to northern part of Skeras have gone missing
  • -01:02:18 - Admiral Sirilant of the local defence fleet reports navigator and psycher death among his forces, requests support from the surface
  • -00:37:00 - The night of nightmares - Midicae stations are overwhelmed by people bleeding from nose and eyes and disabling headaches. Psychers catatonic or dead. First signs of looting and panick in the population
  • -00:00:00 Loss of vox planetvide. No contact with outlying manufactorums and settlements. Scattered reports from landlines and flying patrols.
  • 00:01:37 Explosions at Tritanon spaceport. All flights grounded.
  • 00:01:42 Last contact from defence fleet. Emergency declared. Ship losses. Transports boarded.
  • 00:02:37 Significant seismic activity recorded near J11.
  • 00:02:41 Signum Astra4 explodes and creates a huge vox and communication disturbance
  • 00:17:01 Vox network planetwide crash. Mechanicum tech priests implies rampant scrap code. Purges started.
  • 00:22:43 Secondary Arbetes waves activated to reinforce the cities and manufactorums
  • 01:14:00 Rudimentary vox network restored. Noosphere at capacity and dropping traffic.
  • 03:14:00 Tertiary Arbites reserves activated. Arbites ordered to pull back and fortify current imperial lholdings. Minor settlements and mining operations abandonned.